Tuesday, September 30, 2008

random pics from a few weeks......

This is the after picture of what happens when you nurse your baby..hold them up in the air above you, and they urp everything they just ate....straight into your mouth!! I mean...a mouthful!! I spit it everywhere as soon as it hit my tongue. Although it really didn't taste bad...breastmilk taste's sweet! Want some!?!

This is what Grant thought about it....so funny!

Here is Miss M with her Kindergarten teacher. We love LOVE her teacher...she rocks!

Grant's new trick..sucking his thumb. He has managed to get it into his mouth...and suck it to get himself to sleep. Nice. Braces here we come.

We had a fish fry a couple weekends ago at my mother-in-laws house. Having fish fry's started at our rehearsal dinner when Brian and I got married. The tradition continues...

Jordan is the baby lover...here he is attacking my sisters little boy Teagan. Any baby that is around better watch their back...the never ending kiss is coming your way from Jordan.

Niece Brightyn..isn't she adorable?! Beautiful!

Bubble blowing Jordan...as much as he likes blowing bubbles...he really LOVES pouring the bubble solution out of the container. Ahh..little boys..

This is the best picture of my mom. She is that person that takes pictures of everything...but I love it! She always takes the best pictures and they are so wonderful to look through.

Got to go...ice cream in the freezer is screaming my name!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We are in the cloth!

I am totally obsessed with the cloth diaper thing! I have spent every waking moment for the past week sewing in my little chinese sweat shop! After making about 6 diapers...I am getting frustrated because none of them fit exactly how I would like them to on Grant. He has a big belly, so the diapers sag...or the elastic on the legs doesn't cling close enough..or the rise is too long. Huff!! I still love the gdiapers..I just put cloth inserts into them so I don't have to buy the disposable ones. (They can get pricey!) I did order some all-in-ones (for those of you that aren't into diaper lingo..they are the ones with a built in outer cover that is waterproof) from www.clothdiaper.com. They should be here either Saturday or Monday. Excited for them to get here! My good friend Samantha from high school cloth diapers her kiddos with diaps she made herself..and she is sending me a sampler of some of her favs. I can't wait to get them and try them out! Maybe the magic one will be in that batch. *Hopeful*

I have some new pics..but I didn't download them on the computer. Will do soon!

It's 12:19 Thursday night/Friday morning...so I better head to bed...Brian is still up playing his new Wii game...Zelda something...what a goofball!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cloth diapers update!!

So far so good with gDiapers!

This first and second picture are also his three month growth pictures!

Yes..my three month old stands..he is talented! (a little assisted!)

From the smile on his face..I think they feel good on!

And on to my other little man...or superman that is! Did you know superman eats grilled cheese for lunch?

Even superman needs a nap!!

Grant is screaming..so I'm off!


Cloth diapers!!

I am so excited about what the FedEx man just delivered to my house that I have to blog about it! I have always been intrigued by cloth diapering. It's cheaper...better for the environment...and better for baby's bum. I tried BumGenius diapers with Jordan..but it was a hassle to stuff the soakers into them always. So after doing a bunch of internet surfing, I found gDiapers. They rock! Well..I hope they do..haven't tried them yet..Grant was sleeping when the box came. Until I get some pics..check out their web-site and I'll keep everyone updated on how I like them.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Superhero Jesus!!

Jordan and bobble-head Jesus. Our little guy has a fascination with Jesus. And as you've guessed..we are thrilled about that!

Here is Jesus hanging in the kitchen courtesy of his pal Jordan.

I asked Jordan "What else can Jesus do?" and he said "He can fly!" Much like a superhero!!

Sweet M with Jordan...they are buds! Except today Jordan informed me that Grant was his best friend. Yippie! I hope he still thinks that in about 6 months when Grant is crawling everywhere in Jordan's room!!

Seeing how money is tight with a bunch of kids...I enlisted Jordan to do a family portrait. Pretty good I must say! Daddy is on the top left..me on the top right. In front of daddy is M..notice the curly hair..then Jordan is below me. And the little circle up to the right beside me is Grant. He drew this all on his own...no prompting from me! He's a genius! Yes..I will be taking calls from museums... ;)

Speaking of Grant. Here's a smiley guy!!

"Mom..no more pictures!"

Ok..maybe one more chubby grin!

For school today we talked about our sense of smell. So we smelled vanilla, pickle juice, vinegar and fabric softner. He licked the vanilla thinking it would taste as good as it smelled..whoops..it doesn't!

Same goes for fabric softner..doesn't taste so well!!

So fun!!

Hopefully I can get some posts on here more often...lots of diapers to change..dishes to do..and little boys to teach!!

Don't forget to thank God for the blessings in your life today!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OH...little boys!

Today started out great. I had to get everyone up early because my husband was meeting for bible and prayer time with a friend, so it was up to me to get our sweet little foster daughter to kindergarten this morning. I managed to get us all dressed and ready to go by 7:55am. I even had time to nurse Grant before heading out. Once we got back we began our preschool by putting clothespins around the rim of a shoebox from left to right. Jordan got halfway down the first side and was done with it. But I was so proud of him for following the correct "Montessori" procedure. Then we moved on to catching a ball in an empty milk jug with the bottom cut out. That was fun! We played catch for about 45 minutes.

Then Grant woke up and I had to feed him. So Jordan decided it would be an excellent idea to edit his bible. I found him tearing out the pages of his bible and crumpling them into a ball. Hmm..I think the bible said to not add or take away from it! Little stinker! But he by far made up for it this afternoon. While driving to pick up M from kindergarten, he said, "Mom, God is in my heart. Right here in my heart!" Ahh..a little boy who loves God. Precious!

Then the ornery streak was back....after tinkling on the bathroom floor tonight, he proceeded to put his dirty underwear on his brothers head. Poor little brother! I'm sure Grant will get him back one of these days!!

After underwear hats and bare bottom toots in my face...Jordan settled down to his sweet little self!

Don't mind the spit-up on my shirt. It's my new accessory!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Homeschooling...my obsession! We've been doing preschool for a few weeks now, but lately I am really REALLY into Montessori preschool stuff. I have been reading and researching it all a lot recently. So today I started some Montessori stuff with Jordan. We started out with a shape puzzle and he loved that. Then we moved on to scooping rice and putting it into a ice cube tray. It all started out good...

And then the rice eating and throwing started! I wonder if rice blows up in little boys tummies like it does in birds. Hmmm.... So time-out prevailed. We will try this activity again at a different point.

Then we moved onto sorting the silverware while I was emptying the dishwasher.

It went much better than the rice scooping!

Jordan cracks me up. He always wants to play "Jesus and God". He will tell me that I am baby Jesus and he is God. I have to act like a baby and he rocks me and puts a blanket over me. How sweet! I guess he gets the concept that God is the Father and Jesus is His Son.

Here's what little Grant does during preschool time:

I can't believe how fast time if flying. Grant will be three months old on the 17th. It feels as though I just found out we were pregnant with him. Slow down!!

Speaking of Grant...he is getting so BIG! He had his 2 month check up a week and a half ago, and he was in the 95th percentile in his weight. Chunky Monkey!

Ta Ta,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


To blog or not to blog! I've been batting that question around for the last week. Picking the name of my blog was my biggest hang up! Then my dear friend Mariah came up with an awesome title. Thanks my dear! I'll start it off with my sweet guys......how I love them all!