Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One of those days...

I am having one of those cranky days! I am so tired of cleaning up after EVERYONE!! Seriously..if you are old enough to take a toy off a shelf..I think you are capable of putting it back on the shelf. Jordan took everything off his shelves today and when it was time to clean up and eat lunch...he screamed, cried, and whined that he was too little to put it away. Pa-lease! I guess it didn't help that I had to go get M from school because she said she didn't feel good..only for her to be running around, giggling and playing just fine. I think she gets a thrill of leaving school early. Then once I got home, I had to walk through our mudroom..which is a mess! It makes me cranky just coming home! Got to get a hold of that clutter!!

ON another note...my wonderful bible study at church is coming to an end. It is Called as a Keeper...previously known as Keepers of the Home. It is such a wonderful study...and I will be sad when it's over. If you ever get a chance to take this..you should!!

So now that I've blown my Weight Watchers by stress eating a handful of peanut butter m&m's for lunch...here's some pics:

My niece Brightyn with Grant

Jordan doing some playing..

Sweet Grantie and his fat cheeks! He has 7 teeth now!! Wow! (9-months old)
And last but not least..my boys...love them all!!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My kiddos!

We did something really fun during spring break! I had the kids draw a creature on a piece of paper. Then we cut it out. The first was Jordan's...then M's.

After cutting it..we traced it on fabric and I sewed it together. Then each kiddo stuffed it with cotton.

Then I stitched it closed..and voila..a real life creature created by each of my kids!

M turned 6 on March1st! Wow..she was only four when she came to live with us!! In about 9 weeks she will be returning home to her mom. We will miss her terribly!! But we can't wait to see who else God puts in our lives to help. Probably we will wait for another placement until December or so. Really want Grant to be closer to 18months old.

Here a sweet picture to leave you with! When we were traveling for my grandfathers funeral..our boys slept in the same bed together. Oh how they love each other! Jordan adores Grant..and Grant adores Jordan. They really slept holding hands...makes my heart jump a bit!

Ta Ta..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Since I haven't blogged in forever, my friend Jessica tagged me to get me going again! Thanks Jessica!!

What would you do...
Question #1
If you were in a corner and a snake was staring you down? Scream really really loud!
Question #2
If you were standing at the top of the Eiffel tower? Probably pass out!
Question #3
If you were on the moon? I'd jump really high and pounce around
Question #4
If you had x-ray vision I'd probably get embarrassed because I could see through everyone..yikes!
Question #5
If you could fly ... it would be way quicker to get places
Question #6
If you were a contestant on American Idol? I'd be super nervous
Question #7
If you had 3 legs I'd use one like a kick-stand...that would be so handy
Question #8
If you had no ears there would be nothing to balance out my big nose!
Question #9
No eyes? look very spooky
Question #10
If you had 15 brothers? i'd probably be a tom-boy
Question #11
If you woke up naked in the park? be afraid...very afraid
Question #12
If you woke up next to your best friend's sig other? what the heck?!
Question #13
If you won 100 million dollars I'd tithe off the top, then pay off my debt then adopt a baby..then save the rest for mission trips and helping others.
Question #14
If you had 500 pounds of cheese my son Jordan would be one happy fella
Question #15
If you were in the library and had gas hee hee..i've been there before! Doesn't everyone know you toot the curves of the aisles and don't toot on the straights?!
Question #16
If you were 100 miles from any city and your car ran out of gas ...I'd cry..then call for help..possibly at the same time
Question #17
If a blizzard dumped 10 feet of snow where you live? stay inside and camp out with my fam for a few days. that would be fun!

I've got tons of pics to post...so when i finally get everyone sleeping at once..I'll update!