Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am a boy mom!!

We love to play in the mud around here. Yes...I've officially turned into a boy mom. I use to be a "Don't get dirty! Eww..don't touch that!"mom, but now I've realized to let the boys be free!!!

Grant loves dirt....Jordan ...not so much!

This mud pit is the garden now. We began to get it ready this day..but ended up playing in it instead!

the worm bucket...we caught around 15 worms!!

mm..I love to eat dirt..

I just love this picture..

And some of my newest sewing creations...these were so fun to do!!!

aren't they precious!?!!!

and how many can you relate to this? I can't keep up with my laundry! It overtakes me! Here are the Swiss Alps of laundry at our house...

Oh..can I ever get a hold of dirty clothes?!! Maybe we should think about being part of a nudest's a thought!


Friday, May 1, 2009


It seems we cant' get well around here! I thought this week was the first week of making our way to being healthy...but M has an ear infection. She said it felt like her "heart was beating in my ear". AND strep for the third time this year!! Seriously, we can't get rid of strep this year. We've all had it at least once. blah..

Some of these pics are really out of order...just be happy they are posted! :)

We had a great Easter. Grant especially since he managed to get in the peeps and eat some when no one was watching!

and of course we dyed eggs...

oh those sweet fat cheeks!!!
We tried to get an Easter picture...

some of the boys...

and one with the cousins on Brian's side...

we took a fun trip to the science museum with my gal Mariah and her son Brady..

and we always like to cook naked around here...

And lastly, this makes my heart smile....Jordan wants to be just like his daddy....