Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yes...we have been busy busy busy with our new/old house. Best thing right big trash day this week! Going out Tuesday evening to find free!!! treasures people are throwing away. Could there be anything more fun???!!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

There are multi uses for the shopping cart Grant got for his birthday. My niece and Jordan thought Grant would fit great in the front like a real baby! So funny!!

We went to one of the parks in our town. This one is near one of the lakes. Jordan found a fishing weight. He was pumped:

This is what Grant did during our lake visit: (by the way..that's a reverse applique on his shirt. They are sooo fun to do!!)

Me and Jordie:

Brian and Jordan talking about how to throw a rock in the water.

Always fun to have an easy going Sunday afternoon!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

For the last few weeks we have been attempting to buy a historic home in our town! We've been waiting patiently for one to come up for sale that we love. And we found one!! We had been told it was on the historic trolley we had to check it out for ourselves. It was on the tour!! The story goes that it is the original home of Dr.Charles Smith and his wife built in 1901. His wife had ordered a jar of olives from the local grocer which was considered a delicacy. She saved them for a while for just the right party. When she finally did serve them, they were rotten! So she was known as the lady who served rotten olives. What a great story to learn more about the history of this home. We now have a contract on the house and are now just waiting for inspection and getting a renter for our current house. Here's some pics from the trolley ride and snow cones afterward:

Jordan and I made brownie's last night. I think his favorite part was licking the bowl afterward:

Then the boys and I went outside to play, or eat dirt as Grant did:

I showed Jordan how to play hop-scotch..he loved it! We played it for a long time!

Fun trip to the science museum in OKC:

"I will be your pilot for the day!"
As soon as we get the house stuff all settled, I'll post pics of it!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am a boy mom!!

We love to play in the mud around here. Yes...I've officially turned into a boy mom. I use to be a "Don't get dirty! Eww..don't touch that!"mom, but now I've realized to let the boys be free!!!

Grant loves dirt....Jordan ...not so much!

This mud pit is the garden now. We began to get it ready this day..but ended up playing in it instead!

the worm bucket...we caught around 15 worms!!

mm..I love to eat dirt..

I just love this picture..

And some of my newest sewing creations...these were so fun to do!!!

aren't they precious!?!!!

and how many can you relate to this? I can't keep up with my laundry! It overtakes me! Here are the Swiss Alps of laundry at our house...

Oh..can I ever get a hold of dirty clothes?!! Maybe we should think about being part of a nudest's a thought!


Friday, May 1, 2009


It seems we cant' get well around here! I thought this week was the first week of making our way to being healthy...but M has an ear infection. She said it felt like her "heart was beating in my ear". AND strep for the third time this year!! Seriously, we can't get rid of strep this year. We've all had it at least once. blah..

Some of these pics are really out of order...just be happy they are posted! :)

We had a great Easter. Grant especially since he managed to get in the peeps and eat some when no one was watching!

and of course we dyed eggs...

oh those sweet fat cheeks!!!
We tried to get an Easter picture...

some of the boys...

and one with the cousins on Brian's side...

we took a fun trip to the science museum with my gal Mariah and her son Brady..

and we always like to cook naked around here...

And lastly, this makes my heart smile....Jordan wants to be just like his daddy....


Friday, April 10, 2009

Sewing and sewing!

More creative things coming from my brain rapidly!!!

I reguarly stop what I am doing to go sketch out an idea I have. I've gone nuts thinking of new ideas of crafty things to create!!

Here's some of the latest:

Car Keeper

and it rolls up to take along..

It's been a hit! Jordan and Brian..yes Brian..have been playing with it for about 30 minutes now.

Then, this next one is called a Notes Nook:

I made four of them for each of my bible study teachers. They loved them!

The Notes Nook hold notecards, a pen, and a small legal well as a small pocket in front for stamps maybe??!! These will be in my store soon. Once Easter is over..I've been creating things for my kids Easter baskets!

And for my last creation:

Oh how he loves to take a bath! And my fav:
Grant likes to put stuff in his mouth to carry around. Much easier to crawl when you hold things in your mouth!!

He just got his 8th tooth yesterday!! Mouth full of teeth for a 10 month old!!