Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Adventures everyday!!!

Brian and I went on a much needed date last week. We had a small tag-along though!! Breastfeeding babies get to come along for a long time!! Grant is telling me a great story while waiting for our seat at dinner.

We're in love with each other!

This last week was Jordan's birthday. Wow..he's 3! I can't believe it! Here he is doing one of his new puzzles he got for his birthday. Thanks Mariah, Collin and Brady!!

Here's M doing another of his new puzzles. Speaking of M..she has decided she is changing her name to Sailor. Not sure where she got this idea...but we've been having to play along for over two weeks now! She is dead set on it! Sailor Tate she says to be exact. Even her teacher asked me if her name was changing. She's precious! (please Lord let us keep her!!)

Mariah and I took our boys to visit our other friend who just had a baby two weeks's the tiny boy line-up: Grant,Brady and Ian.

This has to be the best part of the day! So Mariah decided to get in the back and feed Brady while I was driving because he was crying. About 10 minutes into it..she jumped back in the front and said she was getting car sick. Then she starts to get out a diaper trash bag...uh oh! She coughed a few times ...and then blew out her lunch! Bless her heart! She was so embarrassed..but I just thought it was funny! Next time Mariah...dramamine before we drive!!!

We went to the zoo last week too! Jordan was a bit scared of the carosel....check out his face!

I'll leave my blog with this priceless picture! There is just not enough time to get your undies back on after going potty when you are playing trains. He's too funny!