Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm so excited..I just got done with the cutest outfit!!! I have it in a 4/5 and a 6..this is the 6...

Close up of the top....

My neice came to stay a few days. It was really fun! She and M are only 5 days apart in age.
Everyone should feed their children Starbucks late at night. What a great idea that was! (sarcasm)

But not to fear...if they stay up late one night...they are very tired the next day on the way home from church!!

Here we all are eating dinner..minus Brian since he's taking the pic...

I also made a sweet little outfit for Grant. He also has on matching green pants out of the same fabric as the alligator..

And last but not least...another funny spot Jordan chose to take a nap. I put him in his bed..and when I went to check on him, he was in Grant's crib with the clean folded laundry and laundry basket on top of him. What an entertaining boy he is! I could barely contain my laughter when I went in his room and found were he was sleeping!

Hopefully my Etsy store will be up and running in the next two weeks sometime. I have two other shirts made and I am going to work on some more shoes..then I will take pics and get them listed.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

I took the kids to have pictures made this week. They turned out wonderful!!! Here's a preview: (and yes..I made their outfits...the night before...until 1am!!)

I also had our little guy Grant, photographed alone since he is 6 months old now. Let's just say..I think I could just bite him he looks so yummy! Those fat cheeks and hands and feet!! It's so fun to have a child look just like me!

Here is Jordan's 3 year old pic. I killed three birds with one stone this picture day!!! Doesn't he look so old!!?! Oh how I love him!

Our sweet M. She is adorable!

I've been Miss Crafty lately. Sewing and sewing a ton! I also learned how to applique. I love doing that!! I made these shirts tonight for M's teacher's little girls. I wish I had had more time to sew on some more details..buttons..rickrack...but it's now midnight and I just got done with them. Phew!!

I gave Grant some banana's for his first food. He thought it was a good idea at first...

But quickly changed his mind!

He ended up gagging and throwing everything up he had just nursed also! Better luck next time!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

I forgot to mention what happened when I was sewing! M was watching me and kept getting closer and closer, so I was scooting closer and closer to my machine. Well before I knew it..I sewed through my finger! OH MY GOODNESS! That hurt really bad! It was dripping blood and it made M cry because she thought it was her fault. I assured her that it wasn't, and it was just an accident.

I decided on a Etsy name. It is: PB and Jane. (It's actually all one word with no spaces when searching for it on Etsy) Do you like?! I love it!! Brian actually thought of it. What a great husband! I have registered on Etsy...but it will probably be a week or two before I got stuff listed. I've got to get the kids Christmas outfits made and make a bunch of stuff to list. But keep checking on it!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry Sewing!

I've heard we all eventually turn into our parents....

I have fallen in love with sewing. It is so fun! Here is a dress I made for M. I still have to put buttons on the straps and possibly a jingle bell or star on the tree, but other than that it is finished!

I did my first applique on this dress. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but there are a few spots I messed up on. But not too bad for my first attempt. I just need to practice a little more.
Here's a close up of the top half of the dress. Now all we need is some cute tights and a solid color turtle neck or long sleeve t-shirt.

This week I am going to make the three kiddos matching Christmas outfits. They have pictures scheduled on the 12th..so I've got a lot of work to do!!

And to add to our little drawing Jordan...here's his lovely artwork on Grant's face. I promise..I really do watch my kids!!

At least it was washable and wiped right off! Phew!

Now..I am thinking about selling the baby shoes and dresses on Etsy, but I have a dilemma! I need a label name! I can't start selling until I think of a name so I can order tags for my creations. So please...suggest something!!