Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Boy does Jordan keep me on my toes! Yesterday we went to Walmart..and for those of you who know me well, know Jordan has to stay in the basket or he will run. Free-willed, arms flinging, Pheobe style running as fast as he can. Well he was contained in the basket and doing so well while I shopped that I thought I would be a super awesome mom and let him out in the toys for 5 minutes. He gets out and looks for a while on one row..we then move to the next and he decided he would rather be back on the previous row. He takes off running!! I flip my basket around with has Grant in it and all my groceries, and run like Nascar after him. I don't see him. Next row...no Jordan again. no Jordan...no Jordan...no Jordan. I begin to freak out! He is not in the toys at all anymore! A walmart lady comes around the corner as I'm yelling "JORDAN!!??" I tell her my son is gone and they call over the loud speaker..."Code Adam, Code Adam, 3 year old boy with a John Deere tractor shirt on is missing!" At this point I am about to lose my mind. All I can think is ...he's gone..he's gone..what am I going to do...I miss him terribly already. I just knew someone had kidnapped him. Once the code Adam was called, they did a lock-down of all of Walmart. Every exit was locked and every single employee came out from the back to look for him. I follow behind the manager lady and he are looking for him. I am shaking. Then she gets a radio that he has been found in the baby stuff. That little stinker! He ran completely across the store from one side to the next! Three employess begin coming toward us with him and he looks like he's about to cry. The employee that found him said he was having a great time running, but he got scared once she picked him up. I'm glad he got scared when she picked him up...but he wasn't screaming or anything!! He didn't even know her and he went with her! That freaks me out!!
So the rest of the day I was so paranoid and scared! Still am! I am so thankful today for Jordan and being able to hug him and listen to his sweet little voice.

But ...he keeps me on my toes! Here's what I found when I went to wake him up from nap a few days ago:

Some very good printing practice...with a permanent marker on his pillowcase. He said, "look mom..I did a good "A" and "L"!" He was so proud of himself. I praised him for his wonderful work..then lectured about how we respect the things we have and we only write on paper. I then removed the markers he had found in his dresser and hid them.

Fast forward to today...Brian is leaving to go back to work from his lunch break and he goes to give Jordan a kiss before he leaves. He comes back and says...."go look at Jordan" and he's laughing.

little toot! He hid one of the markers in his room!! Etch-a-sketch...this is one doodle that can't be undone! He's going to have permanent marker on him for a few days...

I'll leave you with a few other entertaining pictures...got to go get M from Kindergarten!!

"Mom...I'm a prin-thess" "You sure are!"

The kids and I at the Science Museum..
Sitting on teeth at the Science Museum. I just noticed Jordan only has one shoe on...hmm..we've already lost one shoe last week from him throwing it out the door at Hobby Lobby..but not telling me until we got home.

My sweet boys!!

And last...
Some new shoes I made for my friend Amber's little girl. I love these!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No nap day...

Apparantly my boys are protesting taking a nap today! Jordan has been deconstructing his bedroom that I spent all morning cleaning.....and Grant is crying in his bed. Hmm..they didn't get the memo that today was to be a glorious napping day!

Other than that..I found something way awesome to make...shoes! Yes..I am officially a cobbler.

Since these..I have also made some camo ones and baseball shoes. I love them! So cute and so fun to make! My little guy will be the most stylish little one around!


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Don't worry everyone...I am still alive!!!

Last week we worked on printing....as in making prints of different objects and shapes. We did our hands and some other objects we had.

Every few months, our church does a preschool play day. It is sooo fun! My good friend Esther met me there with our boys and we let them loose! Grant enjoyed hanging out with me on the baby area mat:

This is in the big inflatable obstacle course. Way fun!!

Jordan and Axton waiting to go through the inflatable again....so exciting!!

Ahh..brotherly love

Grant in the hood. Speaking of Grant..he has two teeth already! He was just under 4 months when he got two teeth! Crazy! He has bit me once, and the first thing I could think to do was shove him off! It scared him so bad he cried and cried. But he hasn't bit my again! "Don't bite the boob that feeds you!"

A couple of weeks ago a big group of our friends from Optometry school came for the weekend. The moms and a few daughters, went to a tea room. It was lovely! Here's Miss M eating her princess meal. Isn't she beautiful!

We broke down and bought a new Honda Odyssey a few weeks ago. Here are the kids hanging out while we were switching the stuff from our old van to the new one. By the way...I'm in love with my Honda...not in a coveting kind of way..but a "it's so functional and awesome" kind of way!

OSU had a walk around for it's homecoming put on by all the sorority's and fraternity's. We took the kids down for the night. It was really fun! And of course...my mom made the kids outfits. She's brilliant!

Brian had some continuing ed. stuff to attend, so the kids and I tagged along. We went to the Aquarium on the way home. The kids had a blast. Brian and I had fun too...but it wasn't as fun as we thought it would be. Kinda thought there would be more stuff there. Grant was not so fond of the sharks!

M and Jordan in front of the petting tank. M loved this! She is our brave child! They got to pet stingray's and small sharks. Very cool!

Brian and the kids fed some turtle's:

M excited...Jordan nervous!

We have been super busy...but I am hopeing to blog more often. Life seems to keep coming fast!