Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Pants on the Block

My least favorite request in our house is.."Mom..will you button my pants please!!" I know it sounds so simple, but I get tired of buttoning pants all day long!! prevent more button issues, I made Jordan a pair of pull on jeans. With soft material..since he is so picky about how his clothes feel. He will even only wear Gymboree unders because the other kinds are "scratchy"! I wanted them to mimic real jeans as best they could, so I stitched a lot of detail on the pockets and made a fake fly.

As you can see..I had to cuff up the bottom because they were too long. Got some more hemming to do on these!

And if you give a boy some new pants..he is going to want a new robot shirt to go with it!

I made baby Z some too, but I ran out of thread while I was hemming pictures will come of those later! I did make little bit a cute romper. Well..I have made several. Once I constructed one..I couldn't stop. That meant sewing until the wee hours of the morning, praying my kids would sleep past 7am. Which they never do. sigh..

So wish I could show you his precious face..but for those who do not know..we are foster parents to this sweet little one. I sometimes forget I didn't give birth to him. I don't even like to say we are his foster parents. It is kinda a 'sting' word or stigma when I say 'foster'. God has given him to us, just like he gave us our other boys. We pray he will be in our home forever, but if not, he was born in our hearts..and will always have a part of our hearts.

With that being's our middle bro wearing his obsession shoes. Bish!! Bish!! Translation: Fish!! Fish!! He never wants to take them off. He even naps in them..

Interested in a pattern for the pants Jordan was wearing? I found it here. This is a great pattern for pants. The author tells you how to make a custom pattern for your child based on their measurements. The little romper that baby Z was wearing can also be found at the same site. But, I do have to mention, the pattern pieces themselves are great, but the directions to put the romper together are not so great. The author tells you to construct it so that when it's done and you look inside the romper (the part that touches baby) is full of unfinished seams. Too home-made looking. There is a way to sew the romper together so that all the seams are inside. Which means you construct the romper completely inside out leaving a small hole to pull it right side out when finished. A much better end result, and so much more professional looking. I chose that route when sewing mine.

I am currently making a list of all the summer clothes the boys will need. Several shorts, long khaki pants for church, some shirts and dress shirts. Polo's are on the list, but those will be store bought. Next post, I will give a short tutorial on drafting your own pants pattern, and how to adjust it to your child's correct size.



Aubrey said...

Darling!! Love the jeans and romper!! You're too good!! said...

Hey Haley! Came across your blog...and love it! Wish I knew how to sew...hmmm. But, I can so relate to the boy thing (and the "will you button these for me")! Awesome!

Melissa Ann said...

Hey, followed your comment on my knit Big Butt pants. I used the size that they had been wearing in ready to wear (6-12) and left them really long. But my girls are super tall and I wanted them to grow into them. The elastic at the waist is perfect size for them now, but I could always make it wider as needed and there's still room in the pants for wider elastic if that makes sense?

Those jeans are good :)