Thursday, July 1, 2010

We are alive! has been so busy that I haven't had time to sit and really record everything! I vow to make more time!

Let's start with my munchkins.. are my sweet little guy. You are so responsible and always making sure everything is in order and done in the correct manner. I hear you talking to Grant in such a loving manner. A few days ago I heard the two of you in the playroom playing and your precious voice says," know you are my best friend. I really love you!"

You have such a love for babies and the other children that have come through our home as foster children. And anytime someone will listen out in tell them proudly how you are a foster brother and take care of children while their mommy's are sick.

God has big plans for you my oldest son...big plans!!

Next there is Grant....

Oh are full of energy!! Words can't even describe the joy you carry around in your little presence. You are silly and goofy and ornery and such a lover. I constantly hear you singing and giggling. But mainly I worry when I don't hear you at all...

You are full of adventure! I'm am sure you don't even know what the word fear means. In any given week, I find you deconstructing a toy, "cu-lor-ing" with permanent markers I swear you stash away somewhere, and climbing up the drawers in the kitchen with your monkey toes. But you have this side of you that has such compassion and love for others. You get sad when others cry and can't resist the temptation to kiss everyone you meet. Even the checkers at Walmart. I love hearing you call for your big brother when you wake from your nap. "Dor-dee!! Dor-dee!!"

You are amazing my sweet middle boy...and God has mighty plans for you too!

And for the smallest one in our home...

I have loved you since I didn't even know you. I think I cried while praying in the middle of every night, for the first week, as I feed you and wondered about your future. You are so fearfully and wonderfully made sweet Zeke.

You love your brothers immensely! Everytime you see one of them, you shriek with delight! I love watching you army crawl your way anywhere you want to explore. I fear you and Grant will make the perfect partners in crime. I crave your whole hearted chubby-kid giggle.

As the possibility of you being forever part of our family increases...I jump with joy! What a cute trio the three of you make!!

As for Brian and I..we are doing fabulous! We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in June. My, how that has flown by! I love him more and more every day. I love seeing him with our boys. They delight so much in their daddy.

And onto other projects in our life....our historic house. We have loved you and we have hated you through this last year. After putting so much time and sweat into you..we have decided that during this season of life, we need to part. So on the market you go. In this past year, we have completely changed the looks of you for the better. Another family will come along and love on you as we have!!


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Leslie said...

I loved reading your entry today! I'm so proud of what a sweet wife and mommy you are. I knew you would be from the time you were a little girl.
I love you, sweet Haley.