Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Projects...

I have been a busy bee sewing this week! Still have so many things on my list I want to try out...just need an extra few hours in the day! Or night..since I've been staying up late humming away at my sewing machine.

I am always combing through blogs about sewing and crafting. It's one of my favorite relaxing hobbies. Well, I came across THIS one and thought she had some fun ideas! She not only had a pattern for a toddler sized backpack...but it was free! That's right ladies...FREE!! And, it was so easy to assemble with her great tutorial. I found this groovy fabric at Hobby Lobby. It is the new line of fun canvas prints now being carried at HL. The only thing I added from her pattern, is a piece of velcro to keep the opening shut while stuffed full of little boy treasures. And I also double stitched all the seams, because we all know how 'gentle' little boys can be!!

And then I whipped up one of these:

and the cutie pie wearing it....(not the easiest one to photograph!)

He wore it around most of the day..putting in and taking out little treasure all by himself.

More boy projects are in the's a sneak peak of some for little bit and big brother:

My number one rule of sewing...always stop to kiss the head of the sweet little one strapped to me. I think the hum of the sewing machine puts him to sleep!

Happy Sewing!


Squirly Girls said...

You really are super mom!!

Aubrey said...

Super cute backpack!! And, super cute boys!! Love it that Grant enjoyed his little back pack!

Leslie said...

What a great backpack! Can't wait to see the rest of the projects you are working on!
Love all the pics!